To Disney themeparks, and the new changes

Disney has changed the way visitors with disabilities can bypass the long lines.  Thanks to the jerks who abused the system, the old ways are now gone.

The old way was going through the exit to a short line of other people with disabilities, or something similar.  We’ve done this ourselves at LEGOLAND Windsor when we visited.

The new way is now going to the ride, getting a ticket for a specific time to come back to, and then come back at that time to get on the ride.

Which means walking away from the fun ride to return later.

Walking away from it.

Disney, can you see a problem here?

Sure, many people with disabilities have the ability to understand this.  And for them, I’m sure this will work just fine.  They can easily plan out their day even, and could get more out of their time at one of your parks than I probably would going on my own.

But what about those children who don’t understand this concept?  Who don’t have the cognitive abilities to understand this new plan of action.

Imagine me, with my daughter.  “Oh look!  A Tinkerbelle ride!  Okay, we’ll come back in three hours.”

<cue screaming and tantrum as I drag my unfulfilled child away from said Tinkerbelle ride>

You’re asking us parents to basically show our kids something fun then walk away from it.  “Later” is not in many of these kids vocabulary.

Every day, we cause our children upset over something they don’t understand, whether or not we want to.  It could be something as simple as “No, you can’t eat that, we’re about to have dinner.”  The last thing we want to do when taking our kid to Disneyland/world/universe is denying them over and over and over.

Yes, you had to do something, people were abusing the system.  But the ones getting punished are the ones the service was intended for.  And we parents just may not have it in us to endure it.

See, we spend our children’s lives waiting.  Waiting in doctor’s offices, waiting in therapy clinics, waiting at schools, waiting outside of schools, waiting at home for the school to call, waiting outside at churches, at movies, at sports events as our child tantrums or settles down from being overwhelmed by it all.  One of the few “perks” we get in life is the whole “fast lane” pass at theme parks, where for once, we don’t have to wait.

Theme parks are sensory overload enough for kids like ours.  Waiting can be asking too much of them, when they’re already holding on by a thread because of all that is going on around them.  Now they have to walk away and wait longer?

Yeah, that’s going to work.

I hope you give out free drinks with the wait time, because I for one will need one if I have to drag a screaming Maura away from the thing she wants to do.