Oh good, she has library again

The other day, Maura came home from school uber-excited.  She flung her coat off, dropped her bag, ripping it open while going “Mom! MOm! MOM! MOOM!!!”

Then a proud and excited “LOOK!”

And she showed me two library books from school.

Now I know what my reaction should be – “Aw honey, that’s great!  Let’s read those together!  Reading is great!”

That wasn’t my reaction.

My reaction was more “Oh my good holy lord! Who let you into the library?  Why would they send them home with you?  WHY GOD!  WHY???”

See, Maura loves books.  Books do not love Maura.  Maura tends to mangle books.  She will scribble in them, toss them down where ever, walk over them, sit on them, spill stuff on them, rip pages out of them, scribble in them some more, then tuck them in bed with her to sleep on them, drool on them, etc.

And they sent her home with TWO of them.

Have I mentioned Maura can’t read?  She also doesn’t want me reading to her.  Because she’d rather write in the book.

Now I have two of these suckers to mind.  So of course, the first opportunity possible, I hid them in a safe place until I could return them to school.

This led to Problem #2 – we’re in a new house, there are new safe places.

Yeah, I lost them.

But then they were rediscovered, much to my horror, in Maura’s room.  And she was all “OH!  MOM MOM MOM!  BOOK!” happy.

So I let her sleep with them.

No, I probably shouldn’t have.  Yes, it’s not good book-keeping.  But it was either let her sleep with them, or have her screaming at me at bedtime.  Which would you choose?

Please send cash to the “Replace Mangled Library Books Fund” to….


A book, left outside, with a Nerf gun - obviously Maura was reading up on fairy hunting
A book, left outside, with a Nerf gun – obviously Maura was reading up on fairy hunting