And now, a moment of sheepish self-promotion

So the other day, I stumbled upon, which is running a Top 100 Bloggers…it’s not a contest, but a reader’s choice poll, where you can nominate yourself or your favorite blog that’s flying just under the radar.

I’ll be honest – I nearly asked friends to consider nominating me.  Then I thought “Well, that’s kinda dumb, nominate yourself.”

So I did.

<insert sheepish blush here>

I’m not good at the self-promoting.  I hate asking for votes for myself, but hey, if I don’t think I’m good enough to vote for, what’s the point of it all, right?  And did I mention this month is my birthday?  So really, voting for me is a cheap and easy way to get me a birthday present!

Anyway, the way to vote is by sharing via any form of social media, leaving a comment, any of those handy buttons on the page.  And you can see a terrific picture of myself, Maura and Zoey (aka big dog, aka freakshow, aka SQUIRREL!) on there as well.

So go to this page to find me – and thanks!

here's a cute picture of a little sheep as thanks!
here’s a cute picture of a little sheep as thanks!