It’s only Tuesday

This knowledge hit me this morning, as I was making Maura’s lunch.  “What day is it?  Yesterday was…Monday.  Oh dang, that means today’s only Tuesday!”

Sean informed me on his way out that we were out of milk.  I anticipated that last night, so was prepared for the bad news.  (I NEED milk for my coffee, so family members try to leave me a splash at least – except Maura.  She has no concept of saving a splash of milk for Mom’s coffee.)

It was okay we were out of milk – I live in the Land of Starbucks.  I got Maura on the bus, grabbed my purse, and headed to the one a few blocks away.  Where I proceeded to prove that I needed my coffee by being a babbling idiot and unable to handle my debit card.

The barista was good-natured about it all as I apologized for having a day already.  I explained that I realized it was only Tuesday, and he said “Well, but Monday’s over, so it can only get better, right?”

“One would think that.” I said.  “But this is my life, and it likes to keep me on my toes.”  I then explained how I never EVER say “Could it get worse?” because that’s just waving the red flag to the bull.

He laughed then said “Wow, you must have a really stressful job, what do you do?”

“I have four kids.”

God bless that college-aged boy, he didn’t bat an eye.

“Yeah, and the youngest has special needs, so that keeps you on your toes.  Oh, and two idiot dogs.”

He laughs.  “You don’t like your dogs then?”

“Oh, I love my dogs, they’re great – they’re just ridiculous at times.”

Case in point – Tiny dragged a Barbie doll to her nest to fest upon.  Now Surfer Barbie’s missing a hand.  This folks, is my life.

But I also explained how my week started with a phone call from the school – Maura got pushed by a (special needs) classmate.  Which wouldn’t have been as huge of a deal if they hadn’t been about to go down a flight of stairs.  So my poor girl fell down the flight of stairs, a teacher near the bottom caught her.

She’s fine.  Bruised and scraped, but fine.  Her teacher instantly called for the nurse, expecting things to be worse.

As I told the barista at Starbucks – “We learned she bounces well.”

I’m not angry about it – I know these things can happen.  The school staff were doing everything they should, it was just an unfortunate incident.  They did everything they should have during it and now they are going to do everything possible to ensure Maura’s safety.  All without me having to ask.

I’m just a little sad still that this happened to my girl.  I think I’m more emotionally traumatized than she is.  She went off to school happily this morning.  I refrained from wrapping her in bubble wrap and sticking a helmet on her head.

But this is why I have the “It’s only Tuesday?” feels.  Because yesterday should have been about three days.

Really, what I should do is tip those poor guys at Starbucks better, for listening to me babble on!