Pardon my girlish squeal

But tonight, I came in from running to the grocery store, and there was a package for me from Random House (you know, the book people.)

I thought “I don’t remember ordering a book…did Josh order a book and have it sent to me?  Maybe it’s a birthday present….”

(Okay, this is where I’ll confess that for one teeny moment, I thought “Hey!  They think I’m a genius and that’s a “please write for us so we can publish you” package”, and then I thought “no, it’s too book shaped.”.)

I opened it up and found this –


It’s a hardback copy of “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern – which if you haven’t read it, please, stop now, go to your nearest bookseller, and get it.  Just get it.

I love this book, it falls into that special “I wish I had written that myself” category.

And it’s autographed!



See, Doubleday posted something on Twitter of “Do you want a free autographed copy? Enter here!”.  I followed the link, entered, and now, I have one!

Pardon me whilst I geek out ever so slightly.