A night out with the girls

So I may have mentioned a few times how we’re big fans of Great Big Sea in this house.  Especially Maura and me.  As a consolation prize for moving from Ireland, they graciously timed their latest tour so that I could see them twice in the great state of Washington.

Thanks lads!

I’ve been able to take Maura every time they passed through our area, the first when she was three and a half.

Maura and me at her first concert, March 2007

Look at how little and blondish she was!

She kind of got to meet one of the band members at another concert, when he came and sat in the audience for part of a song – he tried saying hi to her, she got shy (after spending the entire time trying to catch their attention – silly goose!)

Josh and Maura sitting next to the rogue band member
Josh and Maura sitting next to the rogue band member

So yeah, we always go, we always have a good time.

This time around, Miriam got to join us, so it was just us girls last night.  I will admit, I was a bit worried about how Maura would act.  She is usually very good at such things, but you never know when she might get balky. (And I can hear the people who say “Well if you don’t know how she’ll act, don’t take her.”  To which I say No, I’m not going to not take her on a 1% chance she throws a fit, so shut your pie hole.)

I did get us aisle seats, so in case of emergency, I could get her out quickly.  Really, I was concerned about bathroom breaks the most.

Actually, the thing that worried me most was driving through freaking Seattle traffic at rush hour.  Seattle…um…your drivers kinda suck.  And then there was this moment were the GPS person was telling me to follow this route, and that route led to a ferry that had an hour wait.  A ferry???  What???

Luckily, our turn was just past the ferry pull off, we didn’t need the ferry.

We made it with time to spare, so I took the girls to Starbucks, which made Maura happy.  We got our drinks and treats and Maura said “Home?”

Oh no.

I tried explaining that we were going to a show.


Crap.  No, not a movie, a music show, where they play music.


Shoot.  She wasn’t getting it.

We get to the venue, and I shoo girls in after taking a crappy cell phone picture outside.

told you it was crappy - but the girls were still cute!
told you it was crappy – but the girls were still cute!

I got our tickets, then asked Maura if she wanted a new shirt.  See, early, I went to see if her old GBS concert tee fit.  It so did not.  But she was insistent on wearing it.  So I threw a tank top under it and planned on buying her a new concert tee.  She picked out one, Mim picked out a hat, and before I finished paying for it, Maura had the new tee on over the old one.  (We remedied that in the bathroom.)

And then Maura said “Home?”

I was beginning to worry that maybe this would be that 1% time when things don’t go well.

Once we got into the theatre, she settled in.  I think the visual helped.  Seats, stage, ah yes!  Something’s going to happen!

Not as crappy cell phone picture of me and my girls - the taller they get, the shorter I look
Not as crappy cell phone picture of me and my girls – the taller they get, the shorter I look

And then, the concert started.

And all was well.

One difference this time around was that Maura decided to sit through it all and let her finger people do the dancing.

Finger people?

Yes, the finger people, as I dubbed them years ago.  At age…four maybe?….she realized she could always have dolls with her by pretending her fingers were dolls.  They will go on adventures, dance, play, whatever.  If she doesn’t have a doll handy, she gets the finger people out.

The finger people had a rollicking good time , let me tell you.  And she was singing along with most of the songs.  They even did her favorite song, “The Old Black Rum”, which when it started, her eyes lit up and she got a huge grin on her face, and was fist pumping in all the appropriate parts, which just cracked me up.  Meanwhile, since she was so content to hang out and let her  finger people dance, Mim and I were able to really enjoy ourselves as well.

The finger people are hard to catch on film..
The finger people are hard to catch on film..but I think they’re doing a jig here

After too much fun that went too fast, the concert ended.  It was time to go home.  Mim was asleep when we pulled into the driveway – Maura was still watching a movie in the car and had to be shooed to her bed a few times.

And as I write this, she saw the pictures and went “Show?”

“Did you like the show?”


Well done lads, well done.

Great Big Sea - 20th Anniversary Tour 2013
Great Big Sea – 20th Anniversary Tour 2013

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