Music Monday – Going Up

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So this weekend was my “weekend with the plans” – aka, I got tickets to see one of my favorite bands two nights in a row.

Hey, don’t judge.

The first night, I took the girls, and we had lots of fun.  The next night, I dragged my husband along (he’s always a willing partner in crime).  He laughed as I got all groupie and hung out with the other gals around the stage, stepping in a couple of times to have a dance with me (best part of the show!), then we picked out way too much band swag before heading home (well, heading for food – because a night out needs something a bit greasy, or so I learned in Ireland.)

They had different set lists each night, which was a lot of fun as I got to hear all sorts of favorite songs.  One that they played both nights was one I hadn’t heard live before – I call it the Kitchen Party Song, but it’s actually titled “Going Up”.

The song is about basically hanging out in someone’s kitchen, having a party.  The song has always appealed to me, the idea of having a house crowded with people laughing and having fun, a big kitchen with a big table in the middle…however, when I first got to know this song, I was living in a house where the kitchen was the worst place for more than two people to be in.  I tried to imagine a kitchen party in that room and couldn’t.

Fast-forward a few years, and we’re in Ireland, having a 4th of July party this past summer, with gorgeous weather, so everyone’s hanging out on the deck or in the kitchen, and we announce cake and ice cream, as it was my friend’s birthday.  And there we all were, squeezed into the kitchen, out the door, down the hall, to sing happy birthday, and then to linger in the kitchen as the party was waning, because it was most convenient to the chips and dips and drinks…

…and I realized later…I’d had a kitchen party.  No one brought any musical instruments to play, but there was lots of stories and laughter and a bottle of Pimm’s (our British friend decided to bring the most British thing possible to our Yankee Party) and a bottle of Buckfast (which came with its own story about a festival and a tent). A good time was had by all, which is all that really mattered.

Since moving to the PNW, we’ve had people over, and we keep ending up on the deck, because it’s just nice.  But now with cooler, rainier weather happening, we will be squeezing people into the large enough kitchen that opens up to the dining area, shoes and boots piled up by the door…and it’ll be grand.

I’m leaving you with two versions – first, the original video of “Going Up”…

and live version…because I love a live version (home video, but good home video)


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