PSA for parents of tween/teen girls

Because my friends are awesome, they hooked me up with this site – A Mighty Girl – in my quest to find Maura a non-hoochie Halloween costume (because sadly, she has entered the “sexy” sizes…sigh…why does Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz need to be sexy?  She’s supposed to be 12!)

Anyway, they have a good selection of teen girl non-sexy costumes at pretty reasonable prices.

They also have Wonder Woman and Supergirl tees with detachable capes.

And knee socks.

And a Princess Leia hoodie, cinnamon bun rolls and all.

So if you have a great geeky teen girl in your life, or want to dress your inner geeky teen girl (for they do carry ladies sizes), then check this place out!

(I was not compensated to write this post, just really really grateful to have something for Maura before Halloween!)