Blogger’s block

I think I have that right now.  I can’t think of anything to blog about, so guess what? You get this post about me being blocked.

Aren’t you thrilled?

I’m still doing the same old same old – still trying to get the place organized from unpacking, still trying to keep up with school stuff, still trying to figure out how we ended up in Seattle…

At least I’m not trying to figure out the “Oh dear God in Heaven, what is that smell???”

See?  Optimist here!

But life is cruising along.  Kids are good.  My teen boys have been watching “Food, Inc” in health class – one is now feeling guilty about his Teen Diet of pizza and pot pies, the other eyed chicken burritos and passed after learning how meat was processed (which led to the “Mom only buys meat from farms that are nice to their animals…well…before butchering them” discussion.)  I’m actually okay with them being slightly traumatized by this film, because it is getting them thinking about things like sugar in everything, and food poisoning, and where their food comes from.  Hooray for learning!

Besides, it’s not truly a high school experience until you’ve been traumatized by some teacher, right?

Maura’s IEP was yesterday.  She has qualified for…well, everything, as expected.  And I left still smiling.  So very different from our last IEP in Michigan, which left me in tears, then angry, then really really angry.  No, yesterday was just more confirmation that we’ve landed well, that Maura is in great hands, and that we made an excellent choice in school districts here.

Meanwhile, I am still in love with my clothes dryer (that never gets old!) and the dogs are enjoying chasing squirrels.  I’m signed up for a writer’s conference next weekend, so hopefully that will go well. I got to once again buy all the things at Ikea (well, bookshelves) so maybe, finally, I can get us settled in and organized.  And yesterday, Maura and I cuddled on the couch watching Ruby Gloom for an hour.

So yeah, life is going along well enough, even as I my brain oozes out one ear and I try to figure out how it has become the very end of October.  I guess I should go ahead and carve that pumpkin, huh?