It seems where ever you go in the special needs community, there are these guides and rules and “You must do THIS” list of ways to be the best possible special needs parent EVER!

I happened to stumble across one of these just now – a list of Important Things one should do when they have a special needs child.

First thing on the list – “Get a proper diagnosis early.”

Well, I failed that one.

Good think I’m okay with that kind of failure.  I also failed the “find your organizations/support groups” one, as those hinge on the “proper diagnosis” one.

It’s okay, I’ll chuck it all in with all those other things a Good Mother is supposed to do.  Like “Read to your child in utero or else they’ll be born hating books”, “start solids with vegetables or they’ll hate them for LIFE!”, and of course, “sleep training your infant “.  Those also go with all the crafts I never did with them, and the Elf on the Shelf “magical childhood experience” (seriously, what is up with that elf?  How freaky is that thing?  He’s going to make elves the new clowns when it comes to creatures that were supposed to be “fun” but are now freaky scary as they crawl across the floor with the intent to chew off your face…)

Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, failing.

My kids learned how to sleep through the night, how to read, eat veggies despite having fruits as their first foods, and have never complained about the lack of Elf Magic in our house.  I’ve also managed to go to bat for Maura without that diagnosis.

The lesson here?

It’s okay to be a failure according to someone’s magical motherhood chart as long as you know you’re getting a gold star in real life. Because those rules?  Aren’t always applicable.  Some babies don’t sleep well.  Some kids don’t get a proper diagnosis.  And the elf on that shelf is really freaking creepy.

seriously, the elf is evil...I'm sure of it!
seriously, the elf is evil…I’m sure of it!

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