Proof that I have awesome friends

I woke up this morning to find myself tagged in a Facebook post from a friend –

“My friend Phoebe never sees her named correctly on a coffee cup. So for fun, I told the barista my name was Phoebe. Lol”

and then this picture…


Now, all her friends and mine are threatening to do the same at Starbucks…I’ve vowed that if they give their name as Phoebe at a Starbucks and post a picture, I shall put it on this here blog.

Who wants to be part of this fun?  You know you want to.  Go order that venti extra hot soy gingerbread latte, a basic hot chocolate, or even an chamomile tea served at lava-like temperatures, tell them your name is Phoebe, and let me know what happens.  Best ones will get posted right here!

But I’m a dude! says the dude.  That’s okay.  I already have one guy friend my pretty, flannel wearing (sometimes) devotee*  pledging he will do it.  You can too.  Most people aren’t sure what gender the name “Phoebe” is anyway.

PS – to the baristas out there – if someone gives you the name “Phoebe” – I dare you to write “Princess Consuela Bananahammock”….just saying…

I was in no way compensated by Starbucks for the writing of this post.  Hopefully after this post, they’ll still let me in the door…

*again, awesome friends – one insisted on his status being changed…since I’ve known him for longer than either of us really want to remember, I did agree that his description of the level of friend he is was much better than mine