Why Sephora – WHY?

courtesy of Down Wit Dat

Why would you let Kat Von D (a famous tattoo artist who I have actually liked) name her lipstick “Celebutard”?

For those who don’t know, “Celebutard” is a combination of the words Celebrity, Debutant, and Retard – used as an insult for rich people who’ve gotten famous for doing nothing.

You can imagine why this raised our hackles and made us go “WHAT?  WHY?”

Kat Von D’s response on twitter was “It’s just a f*cking lipstick.”

No.  It’s not.  It’s something that’s going to make all the people snicker and use more ‘tard words to describe people who are being jackasses.

It’s not just a lipstick, it’s once again a slap in the face to all us mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, teachers, friends and loved ones who fight every day to show that our loved one with special needs IS as worthy of being human as anyone else.

Using the word “tard” – which I don’t care how you spin it, IS short for “retard” – in ANY form, isn’t funny, witty, or clever.  It’s just plain mean.  It’s mean to all of us, who every day, love a person with a mental disability fiercely, because some days, we’re the only person there to love that person.

Comparing MY daughter to someone who “got famous for no reason outside attention-seeking behavior” – is rude.

On the other hand, what you’ve done, Kat Von D, is exactly that.  Gone all shocking with attention-seeking behavior.  Look at you now!  You’ve got my attention, and a whole lot of others as well.  I hope you enjoy this particular limelight.

And Sephora.  Seriously?  You LET her do this?  What the hell were you thinking?  That this is okay?

You know, while I was living in Ireland, I was actually disappointed that I didn’t have a Sephora near by.  When we moved here, I got all giddy with excitement when I saw a Sephora store at the local shopping center.

Yeah, you know what, I think I’ll go to another store now.  I’m sure Ulta can meet my needs. Macy’s has also always been nice to me and my daughters when we go in to browse make up.

It’s a shame you can’t take a page from Debenham’s and show the beauty of all people.  Instead, by allowing Kat Von D to name her lipstick “Celebutard”,  all you’ve shown is ugliness.  You made the choice to allow this, and for that, I will not be able to shop in your store again.

You should have known better Sephora.  You should have known better.

I can find beauty elsewhere, like in my own child.

PS – still don’t get why I don’t like “tard” words – read my post “Being Retarded” – maybe read about my daughter and what we go through.  Spend a moment in my shoes.

“Sephora is the exclusive retail carrier of this product” says their website – just click to enlarge the screen shot


ETA – There is now a petition at Change.org about this – go make your voice heard!

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