And in other news…

Let’s sum up the week so far…

Starbucks can’t spell my name, I have awesome friends, I may forgive Sephora now that they’ve pulled that lipstick off the shelves, I’m still waiting for the generic celebrity mea culpa from Kat Von D, and once again, my friends have proven themselves awesome by overloading my system with compliments about how one voice can make a difference…

I’m not designed to take compliments well, as much as they warm my heart.  But I am sending a huge THANK YOU to all my friends, because not only have they always been this group of awesome people – every single one of them have totally loved and accepted Maura for who she is.

My friends are proof that there is hope for the human race.  Sure, they potty-mouthed, wine drinking, sarcastic proof, but also, big hearted, accepting, and supportive proof.  And I love them all!


Also, they’re luring their friends into the “Tell Starbucks your name is Phoebe and post a pic of what happens” fun.  I’m collecting cup pictures as I speak.  (You too can join in the fun, just email me the pic or post it on my FB page!)

Well, my one sweet friend C. went to Starbucks all set to do that…only they weren’t busy, so didn’t ask her name.

So she found a marker and wrote my name on it anyway.

Who’s got the best friends?

-> this girl <-