Swants – they’re what’s for Christmas

I hang around some crafty people who spend too much time on the internet. Which is how I found out about swants yesterday, on the internet.

Thanks Internet!

Just what in the name of Sweet Baby James are swants? you ask.

Swants are sweaters made into pants.The more interesting of print, the better.

It’s genius – it combines crafting, thriftiness, and comfort, all in one pair of pants…or should I say SWANTS!  There’s even a video and dance to go with these things of beauty.

So, not sure what to get that loved one for Christmas?  Make them a comfy pair of swants for the cost of a thrift store sweater or two. Not sure how to make them?  Go find the tutorial here… – or just read the page.  Look how happy they are in their swants.

And then admit, that secretly, you want to make a pair and dance about in them too.  You can.  They’re collecting pictures and videos of all the fabulous swants.

Go on…do it…get your swants on! It’ll be way better than that ugly Christmas sweater.


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