I think I’m awake now

This morning, when my alarm went off at O’dark Thirty as usual, I felt ill.

No, really.  I felt ill.  Nauseous.  Gross.  I was working on about 3 hours of sleep at that point.  I’m guessing my 2 hour lay about time on the couch with Maura as she watched two DVD’s of Ruby Gloom was the cause of my insomnia last night.

The alarm clock didn’t care, little bastard that it is.  And I was trying to be a good wife, as my poor husband went from having strep to a bacterial infection of the throat and is on nasty meds for that.  But I really was hoping he’d wake up and go “It’s okay, I feel good enough, I’ll take care of it all.”

Because I really really wanted him to.  I remember thinking of maybe trying to explain to him how I had been awake at February.


No…February’s a month, not a time.

I stopped trying to figure it out, and just got up to get girls moving.  One of the teen boys spotted me and a look of concern flashed across his face (Josh said later it was probably because I looked slightly unhinged in my state of nauseated exhaustion – or maybe it was because I couldn’t walk straight.)

And yet, somehow, the morning went pretty smoothly.  Josh did get up, made Maura’s lunch as I got her dressed, and then I went back to bed.

Only to hear my husband snickering as he walked into the bedroom after getting Maura on the bus and saying how only I could fall asleep to the show “Supernatural”.

It’s true – that show doesn’t freak me out too much.  Because I know that if something weird happens in my house – be it ghost or demon or vampire – two hot guys in a cool car will come rescue me.  (Josh tried to throw a wrench in my plan with “But what if you’re the one who bites it at the beginning of the show?”  No, I’m the mom with the cute kid, I’ll be rescued.)

Eventually I did get up and find coffee…and brought the coffee back to bed with me.

Yes, it’s been one of those days.