Monday Stuff

Today we’re featuring slipper socks, clothing retailers with no taste, my NaNoWriMo update, and maybe a song.

Oh, and coffee. There is always coffee.

So let’s start with the raving …. well…I can’t come up with a word that isn’t offensive, so we’ll just call them uneducated – people who came up with this shirt – then decided to sell it.


Now, to quote the cutting edge fashion geniuses who “designed” this shirt – Art of Aztec – when they say “Retarde”, they really mean the French version.

Yes, they pulled the more-common-than-you’d-imagine “French Version!” excuse.

Because we all use the French word “retarde” in everyday living, do we not?

We do not?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Meanwhile, the shirts are being sold at the clothing store Globalize, who have this very charming chain director by the name of Clayton Cross – who has some wonderful parenting advice for those of us with special needs children.

And I quote

“I don’t mind if he can’t make a cogent argument but the kids have got to toughen up,” Mr Cross told FIVEaa.”The nature of the world is that child, like everyone, is going to have a tough life and at the moment all the parents I’m seeing are just mollycoddling their children to death.”



I guess today, I should just hurl slurs and slangs at Maura, to toughen the little chickadee up.  I should also make her siblings sit down and listen to it all, so that they can be more unfeeling about it as well.  Yes, let’s not change the words coming out of our mouths.  No, that would be too easy.  Let’s make the child who is already struggling bear the burden and make them change, be more thick-skinned about hateful terms being flung at them by the world.

Well, first maybe we should work on her ability to understand French – since obviously, anyone using any version or “retard(e)” is really only speaking French.

Where’s my coffee?

In other news…

My slipper sock got a hole in the toe.

I love my slipper socks.  They are knitted on the outside, lined with fuzziness on the inside.  They’re perfect.  And fit my wide feet.  I’m really quite put out about this.  I tried buying a new pair at Target – only my choice was either Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse (I went with HK of course) – yes, I was in the grown-up section – and they’re not wide enough.

I may have to go back to Ireland to get a new pair of slipper socks. I can’t think with cold feet. Maybe I can darn the toe?  Yes, I love them that much, that I’d attempt darning! (which is different than damning, in case you were wondering.)

And in NaNoWriMo news –

I’ve made it to 21,256 words out of the 50K challenge.  Technically, I’m behind and won’t “win” at this pace.  I’d like to make it to 50K, so I better start kicking things into high gear, huh?  Oh sure, I’m certain everything I wrote is utter crap – well, maybe not all crap, there are some parts that are good.  The goal here isn’t to have a perfect story – just to get there.

Now, music.

The teen girl and I are both enjoying the Imagine Dragons album.  Okay, I’ll admit, I was drawn to them just by their name.  But I also liked their music.

As I went to find a song to share, I went for their song “Demons” – and at the very end, it goes to a dedication – to a Tyler Robinson – then to camera phone video of Tyler at the band’s concert…

I looked it up.  Tyler was a  young man, fighting cancer, and a huge fan of Imagine Dragons.  At their concert, they dedicated a song that meant a lot to him, well, to him.  HIs friends hoist him up, he sings with the singer, it’s one of those irreplaceable moments in time.  This band who inspired this teen ended up being inspired by him and helped create a foundation in Tyler’s name to help families fighting childhood cancer.

Yeah, so watch the video.  Stick with it to the end.  And then go embrace life.