This just happened…

I went into the freshly teened girl’s room to see what she was up to (okay, to make sure she wasn’t napping at 5 pm.)

She was all “Um, Mom, why are you in here?”

So I said “Because I want to hang with my peeps.” (and yes, I sound really really Suburban White Mom when I say any such thing.)

Her – “Mooom!  You just made my room an uncomfortable place to be!”

Me – “Oh, come on, you’re my homegirl.”

Her <eyeballs rolling>  “MooOOoom!  No one says that anymore!”

Me – “Yes they do!  Miley Cyrus uses peeps and homegirl all the time.”

Her – “That’s just Miley Cyrus.”  (I’m not sure if that was meant to me “Miley Cyrus is weird” or “She’s cool and can say such things..unlike you!” – and no, I didn’t ask.)

Me – “I can be all Miley.”  <sticks tongue out while making an awkward face>

Her – “MOOOOM!”

Me – “I could twerk too.”

Her – “If you start doing that, I will jump out the window.”

Me – “I should be ashamed of myself for even using the word twerk.”

Her – “I’m going to leave my room now.”

Me – “Nooo!  Come on, let’s hang peeps!”

Her – running…screaming…

Ah, the joys of parenting…