Wednesday – 11:45 am PST

My phone just rang and I just did the “Oh!  Someone’s calling me?” surprise look at my phone.

No, no one is calling me.  It’s just the alarm I set.  It says “Maura” and it’s set to go off every Wednesday at 11:45 am PST.


Because they let the elementary school kids out at 12:05 pm every Wednesday.  And I live in constant fear that I’ll forget it’s Wednesday and find out what the policy is for not being home when the bus pulls up to your house.

(Luckily, the driver doesn’t even open the bus door until I walk up to it, so it’s not like she’ll be left on my doorstep alone.)

All my kids get out early every Wednesday.  Which may seem like a bigger deal until you realize that for my high schoolers, they start at 7:30 am.  So by noon, well, I’m tired.  And they don’t drink coffee.  Most days they get out at 2:30, but Wednesdays are special.

I’m not loving this schedule.  If I was All Powerful and could bend wills, I’d push the start time to at least 7:45 and give them full days every week.  Hey, those fifteen minutes in the morning would make a huge difference.  Also, that Wednesday afternoon, I could use that.  Instead, my whole week gets thrown off a bit.  Think about it – mid-week, you suddenly have to stop and recollect yourself, and collect children?  Not forget the children?  Have to think about the children?

The kids don’t mind the half-day Wednesdays.  But I think if they got a later start and a full day Wednesday, they’d probably go for that.  Because 3 out of 4 of my kids are NOT morning people.  Just like their mother.

Meanwhile, I shall keep that phone alarm on, to surprise me every Wednesday at 11:45 am.  Having a track record of accidentally abandoning children at school on half-days,  I’m just not willing to risk that I’ll ever get into this routine.

Besides, I’m not good with week days.  Like Monday?  Monday I thought it was Thursday.

Yeah, that was disappointing.

Then again, once I realized that Thanksgiving was not this week, I was less disappointed.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Maura’s bus will be here in a few minutes…