Seattle, Rain, and Music Monday

So I typed up this whole blog post, only for it to disappear into nothingness.

I shall summarize –

People in Seattle need to stop telling me how rainy it is here.

Which part of “I moved here from fecking Ireland!” do they not understand?

Stop telling me how I need all the Rain Gear. I don’t need all the Rain Gear.

Seriously, it rained a LOT in Ireland and I lived without $4,000 worth of the Rain Gear from REI.

A typical view of Ireland
A typical view of Ireland

See?  Rain.  I have lots of these pictures.  So stop telling me how much it rains Seattle.  I get rain. So far, the rain here hasn’t blown upwards and slapped me in the face.  So right now, I kind of mock your rain Seattle.  (I really hope Seattle doesn’t retaliate and produce face-slapping rain for the next five months.)

And now, a rain-themed song – Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” – Live from The Royal Albert Hall.