Ready or not, here it comes

It has come to my attention, after weeks of complaining about holiday stuff being pushed at me too early, that I’m going to have to stop complaining.  Thanksgiving is upon us, we can all start listening to Christmas music legitimately now.

That said, I’m already sick of “Jingle Bell Rock”.  Can we just burn every copy of it?  Along with Madonna’s rendition of “Santa Baby” (which I’m beginning to think is the worst thing recorded ever.  Well, that at least gets that much air time.)

I’m not a Grinch, I do love Christmas.  I love all sorts of things about it, both religious and non-religious.

I have come to realize I loathe the American Consumerism part of it.

Today I was out shopping for Thanksgiving…because, you know, I like fresh food…yeah…and I was chatting with a woman in Target as we stared at Christmas lights.  We both agreed that while we didn’t really want to buy Christmas lights just yet, we felt obligated to, because in years past, we waited only to find all the lights gone.  And then I realized I needed a Christmas tree, because we got rid of our good tree moving to Ireland (we have a little fake tree from Ireland, but it is kind of narrow and really fakey.)

So I found myself hauling home a Christmas tree, because it was on sale (from Way Overpriced to “I can’t believe I’m spending this much on sale even” priced) – it was the last one in the store.  Yes, I could wait it out, see if they get more – but seeing as they’ve been sold out of this particular unlit tree that didn’t scream “FAKE” every time I’ve been to the store since Halloween, when they put up the trees….yeah, I just bit the bullet and bought the dang tree.

All while someone sang “Jingle Bell Rock”.

I’ll confess, the box was kind of huge – and so I got to maneuver the cart with this tree box hanging out around other shoppers, stock clerks hauling stuff about, and giant piles of scooters and microwaves plunked everywhere in preparation for tomorrow’s Black Friday Sale.

(When I said this at home, my teenage boy went “But isn’t Black Friday supposed to be on Friday?” – Yes son, welcome back to America.)

I also got to deal with crazy holiday grocery store traffic, and more crazy traffic.  By the time I got home, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Which is a white lie for near-panic attack.

I’m considering doing a lot of online shopping this year.

Things did get a bit crazy in Ireland – you don’t live right by Dundrum, the biggest shopping centre in all of Ireland and not deal with crazy traffic and parking because of it.  Oh, I would curse when I turned down the wrong way at Dundrum.  It was easier to walk down, then call for a ride home than to try to get into their car park.  And then half of Ireland would be in the stores with you. But it just seemed a lot more pleasant.  Maybe because there wasn’t this rush to buy every single item.  Maybe because nice older ladies would start to chat with you in line about what to buy their grandson.  Maybe it was that the shop girl was singing along to “Fairytale of New York”. Maybe because I could buy my weight’s worth in Turkish Delight.

I just don’t know.

Whatever it was, it has made me intolerant of the ways here.  It all seems so brash and in  your face, ads of people singing “Let’s go shopping” and the phrase “door buster”.  It all makes me not want to buy anything.

That said, I am now the proud owner of five boxes of red, green, and white lights and a 7 1/2 ft fake Virginia pine.

And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

I’m just going to wave the white flag, play “Fairytale of New York”, and pack away my pumpkin stuff this weekend.

I will not dress up my dog as a reindeer though.

Well, not this week.

For now, I must go make a cherry pie for Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone has a happy and relaxing one. Try not to eat too much!