The Girl with the Bright Pink Tree

Last night we took Maura to Target.  I needed more Christmas lights, and I thought it would be fun to get Maura her own tree.  All my kids have had their own tiny tree in their room at some point, because it’s fun.  And so much easier than some creepy elf that I have to deal with every single night.  I barely made it through the tooth fairy years, I’d never survive 24 days straight of elf stuff.

Anyhoo, I thought Maura would be instantly thrilled about getting a tree of her own.  Josh was certain she would go for the biggest brightest one.  We steer her through the store, to the back corner where all the seasonal goods were.  Josh started eyeing the displays.  “Well, that one is only $30…I guess…”

I had done the legwork already, I knew there were cheap varieties.  Josh also spotted them.  “Eight dollars…hey Maura, look at these!” he said, pointing to red, blue, and gold foil trees.

“No thank you.” she said.

Weird.  I thought she’d want a tree.

Then I spotted a box filled with pink foil trees.  I went over to the box, pulled one out.  Josh said “Maura, look what Mom has.”

There was this reverent “Oooooo” noise out of her mouth as she beelined directly to me to take the tree from my hands.

The next twenty minutes, while I tried to find some freaking warm twinkle lights in box C7, she picked out ornaments, lights and a star for her tree.

Let’s just say there’s a theme to this tree…

I shall call it Pinkalicious
I shall call it Pinkalicious

I think she considered it her own personal victory when she found the pink lights.  But she loved it SO much that she carried it to her room, did a fake yawn, and decided it was bedtime forty minutes early.  As she’s been a bit of a crankypants at school (aka throwing screaming fits), an early bedtime was totally embraced.  I tucked her in as she stared at her pretty pink tree.

When she got home from school today, she made herself a snack, and went down to watch some tv in the family room.  When I went down to check on her, she was there, with her snack, her show, and the tree sitting next to her.  Because it’s portable.  As it should be.

Just now, she carried it up, stopped so I could admire the tree, then she very carefully sat it next to our now less impressive, still undecorated big tree.

Tiny pink tree got lonely.
Tiny pink tree got lonely.

In other news, I’m finding clementines everywhere.  Because Maura has taken them everywhere.  This happens a bit in our house.  I buy a bag of fruit, entire bag of fruit goes missing, we spend two weeks finding fruit hidden places.  I guess she felt we had passed the “find all the apples I hid downstairs” test, and is now testing us with clementines.  Because as I went to take a picture of the little tree, I spotted something else..

photo 1
little tree, big tree, clementine by couch

And as I sat here to write this post…I spotted a clementine hiding between my vertical blinds.  So right now, while part of me is wishing my child would stop hiding fruit already, I am also grateful that my idiot dogs don’t like clementines.  Even if they’re small, I don’t think the tiny dog could eat a whole one.  And a half-eaten clementine hiding between vertical blinds would just lead to more problems.


PS – Maura did allow me to take a photo of her with her tree.  But she didn’t want to sit with the tree, just display it.  Maybe the tree could replace the elf thing – we’ll just move the tree around the house for the next few weeks.

Maura and her tree
Maura and her tree