Babble Babble


Today unveiled their list for their Top Bloggers of 2013 – and I’m on it!

I have to giggle that I made a list on a site called Babble…because I have a tendency to babble.  I like to think when I do babble, it’s at least interesting. I babble when I’m nervous, meeting people for the first time, a bit tipsy…so yeah, a lot of the time.

I like to think it’s a weeding out process.  If I don’t stun you with my verbal vomit, or offend you with my occasional f-bomb, or horrify you with talk of poop – then we’re going to be great friends!

And I have a lot of great friends and family – which is how I got the Reader’s Choice pick in the Humor category on Babble’s Top 100 list.

So if you’re new here, I shall present some fun facts and tidbits about life on this particular playground –

– I have four kids.  Three teenagers and one tween.  I’m not sure how these teenagers came to be, I could have sworn the last time I checked, they were all still precocious and shorter than me.  Now they’re sarcastic and taller than me.

There's a short mom behind those tall boys
There’s a short mom behind those tall boys


– My 10 year old, Maura, has special needs.  I write a lot about her here. She doesn’t have a diagnosis, so I joke that she has Sherlock Syndrome.  Maura as awesome as she is a mystery.

Maura and her Pinkie Pie
Maura and her Pinkie Pie


– We just moved back to the states this summer after living in Dublin for 2 1/2 years.  We’re not Irish (though I am of Irish heritage) but I’m getting that a lot these days “Where did you move from?  Dublin?  You don’t sound Irish!”  Yeah, but you should hear me curse.

– I picked up cursing in Ireland, then moved to the state that curses the least.  And that there sums up the kind of dumb luck that follows me around in life, making things more interesting.

– I have two ridiculous dogs.  There’s the Big Dog, Zoey, who’s really not that big.  But compared to Tiny, aka Sky Stormageddon Dark Lord of All, Zoey looks big.  Yes, that is the tiny dog’s name.  Yes, it’s a Doctor Who reference.   Zoey is a dainty Australian Shepherd who has stopped freaking out over every squirrel she has seen in this state but is certain every package delivery is a threat to national security, and Sky is a 4 1/2 pound Yorkie with a Napoleon complex.  Unlike us, they are 100% Irish.

Zoey, looking pretty while tangled up in ivy
Zoey, looking pretty while tangled up in ivy


Sky, the size of a dustbunny
Sky, the size of a dustbunny



– My name is really hard to spell for some people, as evident on Starbucks cups everywhere

Apparently the Irish way to spell "Phoebe" - which almost makes sense, having seen Irish spellings...
Apparently the Irish way to spell “Phoebe” – which almost makes sense, having seen Irish spellings…


– I like music.  A lot.  I post songs I like a lot.  Usually on Mondays. This past Monday’s list was all the songs they’d play a lot in Dublin at Christmastime.  I was showing it to my teens, and was singing along with “Fairytale of New York” when my one son nearly choked on his food from laughing as I sang “Happy Christmas ya ass, I pray God it’s our last”.

– We are not a normal family.  We never had a chance at it.  I’m not sure we wanted that chance.  But let me tell you, at a parent/teacher conference, when you explain your children with “Well, you see, when your parents meet in a theatre, on stage…”, the teacher will laugh and say “Ah! That explains a lot.”  Yes.  Yes it does.

– Yes, I did meet my husband, on stage, in the college theatre.

– My husband once nailed Jesus to the cross.

– I have anxiety and have dealt with depression.  All while cracking jokes.  Cause that’s how I roll.

– I really never say “That’s how I roll” out loud.  I know I sound ridiculous when I do.

– I was born in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz, being chased by cops, who put up a road block, as my mom was delivering me breech, both feet first.  It’s my favorite story about me.

– I love going out to sushi places that have the little conveyor belts.  My husband thinks this hilarious, considering I don’t like fish and have a serious phobia about getting food poisoning.

– I occasionally find myself up on a soapbox.  I’m always surprised when I end up there.  But I do it for a good cause – advocating for my daughter and others like her.

– Sarcasm is genetic in my family.  As is geekness, and being distracted by shiny things.  It’s what makes us Us.

Maura, with a TARDIS, of course
Maura, with a TARDIS, of course


– I probably shouldn’t be a parent, because I do things like this…and this

– We are not the type of family who poses well for group pictures.  The best we could do is this –

photo by Elisha Clarke
photo by Elisha Clarke


So that’s a bit about life here, who we are, what we’re like.  But before you go, here’s a song for you – when sent me a list of questions, one was “The song that sums be up best is…”  Of course I answered “Ordinary Day” by Great Big Sea.  I discovered this song several years ago, and it has so many parts to it that speak to me.  About life, hardships, and how it’s not so bad.  At the end of the day, you just got to say “It’s alright…’

I’ve got a smile on my face, and I’ve got four walls around me…