Happy Seizure Anniversary

Seven years ago this month, Maura had her first visible seizure.

It was on horseback, because we can’t do anything normally in this household.  Oh no, we must always go above and beyond expectations.

This all hit me yesterday as I was giving my history to my new chiropractor – how half my pain and injury is caused by wear and tear from handling Maura, then about Maura, and then about how Maura has epilepsy, which evolved into “Oh yeah, it was seven  years this month…she was on horseback…you know, because we must do everything with our own special flair – and that basically sums up my life right there!”

Yes, I really did say that.  Because it really does sum up my life.

“Tell me about yourself!”  asks Innocent Victim

“Well, I have kids, one with special needs, she had a seizure on horseback.  That’s my life.” says the Madwoman holding a Starbucks.

What’s funny is that in all that weird hazy “Merry Christmas, your daughter has epilepsy” memory, there’s one part that sticks out in my mind.  I was there at the neurologist’s, with my brand new little purse.  I always loved it when my kids got old enough that I could get a little purse, and had bought myself a cute little orange and grey purse at Target.  That purse was sitting there next to me as the nurse practitioner handed me a box of daily medication, a thing of emergency medication, a black case to hold said emergency medication in, and a book about Childhood Seizure Disorders.

My brain wasn’t ready to wrap around the whole epilepsy thing – instead, it went straight to “Well crap.  I’m going to need a bigger purse.”

That’s how I ended up in this kitschy little store one night during the holiday shopping season, on the night the block of stores decided to throw a festive “come shop with us” night.  I walked in and thought I had stumbled into a private party, as people were mulling about holding glasses of wine.  No, it was just how the shop owner greeted everyone that night.

The shop owner asked what I was looking for – I said a purse.  She asked if it was for someone else or myself. When I said myself, she said “Wonderful!”

I then pulled out the black case for the emergency medication and said “I need something that this will fit into.”

I eventually found The Right Purse – it was big enough to hold everything I needed, and it was cute.  With two little birds stitched onto it, it gave me that bit of whimsy to see me through this new diagnosis.

It was a total splurge at the time, that purse.  But I needed it.  And it ended up serving me quite well – it held that necessary black case full of emergency medication, diapers, wipes, wallet, knitting, dolls, cars, snacks, books – anything I could throw into it, and maybe a few things I shouldn’t have.  All while looking adorable.

I haven’t really used that bag in the past couple of years.  But I still have it.  And it still looks great, my little birdie bag.  Right now, I can’t get rid of it, even though I don’t use it.  That bag and I have been through a lot these past seven years.

I guess that’s how I could sum my life up – “My daughter had her first seizure on horseback, was diagnosed with epilepsy, so I bought a cute bag – cause that’s how we roll.”

Yep.  That sounds about right.

My little birdie bag
My little birdie bag

Note – if you like the purse, or need a happy bag to carry all your gear in, I highly recommend it.  It can be found at Queen Bee Creations, and I can honestly say that it will last you years!