The 2013 Gift Giving Guide for the Special Needs Child

It’s that time of year, where everyone puts out a guide to one holiday thing or another.  As the mom of a special needs child, I am going to call myself an expert on gift giving for children with special needs.  Because I can.

I’ve seen gifts for Maura come and go, gifts that have been loved and those that have been left on the floor, overlooked and gnawed on by the dog.  I have gone through trends and must-haves and come out the other end of it all to bring you my own Gift Giving Guide.

So without further ado…

Tip #1 – Get the child something they want.

Special needs or not, most kids know what they want and what they like.  Maura loves dolls – Barbie dolls, Princess dolls, and long limbed cloth dolls.  She also loves dolls from shows she likes and will eventually have the set.  A boy may love Thomas the Tank Engine and want new trains to add to his collection of 374 trains.  Someone else may just want a Slinky.  That’s great.  Slinkys are cool.

Not sure what the child wants?  Ask their parents.  They’ll know what their child is always lunging for at the store.

Basically, treat them like any other child.  Because really?  That’s what they are.

And a bonus tip –

What to get their parents?  The gift of babysitting services.  It costs you nothing and is priceless to them.