Tiny Dog, now 60% more ridiculous

Okay, this may get me thrust into the “Bad Pet Parent” category.  I shall brace myself for that.

So we have our two ridiculous dogs, one being the tiny 4 1/2 pound Yorkie, who’s name is Sky Stormageddon Dark Lord of All.

Sky is a ferocious little beastie, who is certain she can take on the world and is full of young dog personality and curiosity.

Sky also has had long, fine, Yorkie hair.

Yorkies have hair that’s more like human hair than fur.  Which is why they can have those long lovely locks. But because of this hair, they need a lot of grooming maintenance, which is why you see most household Yorkies with the shorter ‘do. It’s just easier.

But Sky – at first, she was happy with being brushed, and her hair didn’t tangle, so we let it grow.

She was quite pretty.

Sky, resting on the foot stool, lording over all
Sky, resting on the foot stool, lording over all

Somehow though, in the moving craziness and new environment, and switching from kid shampoo to actual dog shampoo, Sky’s hair went from manageable to train wreck.  And she decided she hated being brushed or combed.

I tried – I swear I tried – but she keeps running under bushes and collecting tiny twigs and leaf bits in her fur.  Which then tangle around more fur.  Which causes hair matting.  And the special organic all natural dog shampoo with conditioner didn’t keep her hair tangle free like the cheap kids 2-in-1 shampoo that we had been using did.  I switched shampoos back to the kiddie shampoo, chased her around the house with a comb, sneaking up on her when she was napping to gently comb out knots. Really, I spent way too much time trying to groom this dog.

Last night, as I was petting her, I realized that she had gotten huge tangles under her ears.

It was the last straw.

I asked Josh if he’d hold the dog while I trimmed her.  This lead to us locked in the bathroom, fur flying, and us laughing while the Dark Lord sat there in Josh’s arms and gave this resigned sigh of  “You stupid humans, I don’t know why I put up with you.”  But she was much better about getting her hair cut than she’s ever been about being brushed.

I am not a dog groomer.  I can cut boys hair, trim girls hair, and can trim a small dog.  But drastic cuts involving matted hair?  I decided to throw caution to the wind and just hack her hair off.  I can neaten it up in a week or so, but my goal was to make it more manageable at this time.

Instead, I managed to make the already ridiculous looking dog even more ridiculous looking.

Sky went from this –

Tiny  with Zoey behind her
Tiny with Zoey behind her

…to this –

half a pound of hair later...
half a pound of hair later…

Now, being the parents we are, we decided to leave the sink full of dog hair and the scissors out and just let Miriam discover it…there was this question of “Why is Sky in the sink?” and laughter as Miriam went looking for her dog.  I was certain she’d never speak to me again.  Instead, there was much squealing and “OMG SHE’S SOOOOO CUTE!!!!”

And the next moment it was “Wow, are her ears really that small?”

The teen boys just laughed.  And laughed.  And then laughed some more.

Zoey was not certain it was the same dog, and spent the rest of the evening sniffing Sky.

Sky is pretty unphased by it.  And while the weather’s not that bad out, I am glad I bought her a sweater.  Because we took a LOT of hair off this tiny dog.  And my teenaged boys are still just laughing when they see her.

I really didn’t think Sky could get more ridiculous looking.

I was wrong.

Meanwhile, I will not give up my day job and become a dog groomer.

Miriam, her tiny dog, and a makings of a second tiny dog
Miriam, her tiny dog, and a makings of a second tiny dog

*Note – no dogs were harmed in this process.  Nor traumatized, or even slightly scarred for life even. The humans survived as well.