Two sticks and a sheep

I knit.  I taught myself how to, and then bugged other knitters to show me their secret knitting skills, so I could learn more.

One of my greatest achievements in knitting is the double pointed needle.  Or as I like to call it, ninja star knitting.  Or as my husband called it the other night, witchery.

It's witchcraft! Burn it with fire!!!
It’s witchcraft! Burn it with fire!!!


But as we were laughing about my super impressive ninja knitting skills, I had to wonder…

Just how was knitting invented?

Think about it.  First, someone had to look at a sheep and go “He looks warm.  I want what he’s wearing.”  Then shave the sheep.  Then realize you could comb out all that sheep hair and get long fibers.  Then they were probably fiddling with the fibers and realized they could make strands.  Then they had to figure out how to make yarn, and make drop spindles, then spilling wheels…

And then, once the yarn was made, someone went “Well gee, if I take two pointy sticks, and maneuver things just right, I could invent knitting!”

And then one day, they lost one of their sticks, but had to make something, and ergo, crocheting was invented.

As we discussed this, I said “And all this came about because no one had tv…or books…”

And my husband – sitting at the computer – stated that the age of invention was probably over then.  He’s probably right, as we’re too busy playing with all our gadgets and devices to look at a sheep and two sticks and invent something like knitting.