Here, have a song

8 Jan

It’s Wednesday, I haven’t had enough coffee and have to go prove to the school yet again that yes, we do live in the district, no, we’re not trying to sneak in, yes, my kids actually took educational courses in Ireland, please stop making them do courses and tests over again, you’re killing their spirits…

So of course, I’ve been putzing about YouTube sharing songs with a cousin.  And found this song by The Coronas – Dreaming Again – this is actually live, I know, b/c Miriam and I were in the audience for it last spring.

Anyhoo, have a song to enjoy, as I have nothing else for you right now because I need to find more paperwork and curse at my printer.  At least I’ll do it listening to some deadly Irish tunes.


psst…you can get this song on iTunes here on this side of the pond…in case you want to support a cool Irish band from afar…


One Response to “Here, have a song”

  1. Marci (@TheMarciFactor) January 8, 2014 at 2:53 pm #

    I love listening to the music you post because it is different from what we normally hear. Thank You

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