So when I named my daughter Miriam…

I thought I was giving her an “easy” name.  I mean, it’s not like no one’s ever heard of the name Miriam, and to me, it’s a “spell it like it sounds” name.

Then again, I read a lot, write a lot, and kind of collect names – so maybe my idea of “easy to spell” is wrong.

We went to Starbucks tonight – and you know what they can do with my name.  They then asked for Miriam’s name – and she gave it – and the girl wrote it on the cup.

When I got my drink, I’ll admit, I got a little excited.  Because the way they botched my name was SO good, who knows what they did with Miriam’s!

And now, we can bond over our names being spelled badly on Starbucks cups.

I wonder, do we get a free drink after ten misspelled versions? Shouldn’t this be a thing?  Can we campaign Starbucks for it?

Marium and Peobe - alrighty then...
Marium and Peobe – alrighty then…


And I shall also admit – Marium sounds like something that should be on the Periodic Table. Mi – the element of sparkly.