Dear Microsoft Store

So when the Surface came out, my husband bought me one – with the ever-so-important Type keyboard cover.  And I was very happy with it.  So much so that when the Surface 2 came out, I needed it.


So I upgraded.  Because I used my Surface a lot.  Raved about it.  Loved it, named it, kept it safe.  I sold my older Surface to a friend and came home with my shiny new toy (and purple Type backlit keyboard!)

Josh even got me a coordinating wireless mouse.

I do have a big desktop, so I’m not using the Surface as much as I did when I had no other computer.  I did use my brand new Surface 2 to finish my NaNoWriMo challenge while hiding in my bedroom.  But from the start, my Surface 2 seemed a bit… off.  The keyboard wouldn’t work the first day – it lit up but didn’t work. Then I noticed it would get hot.  The first time I thought it was because I had it a bit covered.  Then I thought maybe it had something to do with the keyboard.  But it was odd, and I mentioned it to Josh, who said “Take it back, I think it’s not right.”

Today, I went to use it and it was very warm, and giving me a blue screen with an unhappy face.

Seriously, I got a sad face :(
Seriously, I got a sad face 😦

I’ll admit, I got sad too.  So I packed it into the case and took it to the Microsoft store in Bell Square, where I had purchased it.

By the time I got to the store, my Surface 2 was getting quite warm.  So when the guy at the front greeted me and asked if I needed help, I showed him my Surface 2 and said “It keeps getting warm and I have a sad blue screen.”

He took it and was all “Whoa!  That’s not right!”. He asked me if I bought it there (yes) and did I get the warranty (peppers), and he said “Here, let me get you a new one.”

That was it – “Let me get you a new one.”

See, we also have owned an iPad.  When we bought it for Maura, our special needs child, I asked about keeping it protected, would I need a screen protector, and was told no, it was nearly impossible to scratch.  Only Maura did scratch it up after two weeks.  When I went back to the Apple store – known for its customer service – the Apple Genius said “Well what do you want me to do about it?”. Um…. something?   My brother told me to call the Apple care hotline, where they offered to fix it, only fixing it meant having to replace it.  Fine.  Except that second iPad had awful WiFi.  Which meant I had to call customer service again, explain my case, and then they set me up a the store, where the WiFi worked perfectly but thank goodness the (different) Genius said they could exchange it.  But even then, he seemed a bit unwilling.

So to walk in, say “My Surface has a fever and a sad face” and be greeted with “Okay then, let’s get you a new one!” was extremely awesome.  And in my sometimes complicated, hoop jumping life, it’s nice to have something like this go so smoothly.

Just thought you should know.


The woman who had zero problems setting up her new Surface 2, which connected instantly to the keyboard and is looking forward to more quality time with it!