Me and my vacuum

Once upon a time, when I had a herd of small children, my mom visited my house.  Upon seeing my vacuum standing alert in a corner, she asked “So where do you put your vacuum away?”

I looked at her oddly.  “Away?”

“Yes, when you’re not using it, where does it go?”

“Um, no where.  Because I’m always using it.”

I like to walk barefoot in my house, and any little thing under my foot bothers me.  Coupled with living with five other people and two dogs, and my floors always need a good vacuuming, even if I just vacuumed the day before.  Or an hour before.  Or fifteen minutes before.

Today, I got into a “Clean ALL the things!” mood.  I had Mims sweep the kitchen and entry way, then I tackled the rooms with the vacuum.  Let me tell you, pine needs are a b***h to get out of textured carpeting – which of course, is what’s in the main living area.

I finish, and run down to the lower level to help the boys fix the towel bar in the bathroom.  Five minutes later, I come upstairs, ready to sit down and have lunch.

But I noticed the dogs are vastly interested in something on the living room floor by Maura… and the bigger dog is slinking away with her trademark guilty look… and I turn the corner…


Maura decided to pour herself a big bowl of cereal.

On the carpet.


And it’s the “bottom of the Life cereal box” bit, so there is sugary bits all over.


I didn’t even get to unplug the vacuum.

It will never be put away.  Just resting until the next challenge.

Actual vacuum, about to be used again
Actual vacuum, about to be used again


Seriously, no joke, just after writing this, I hear Maura go “Sky – catch!” as she launches cereal across the room.

At that point, all I could do was laugh.

FYI – Sky does not catch.

And I have now clogged up my vacuum with cereal, so I have to go take it apart.

It never ends…