It’s alright not to feel okay – Music Monday

This is the song playing right now on my speakers – it’s by a group out of Dublin called Heathers – the song is actually called “Forget Me Knots” – here, have a listen while you read…


They told me that when I was younger
Lying leaves you blind and don’t leave anyone behind
And all those things that make you stronger
Will have you lying on the floor think you can’t take it anymore

It’s alright not to feel okay…

As someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety and all that, I like the message of this song.  “It’s alright not to feel okay.”  In a word where Positivity is pushed at you like a street drug and you’re chastised for complaining about anything because somewhere out there, someone is worse off than you, I find this song refreshing.  And hopeful.

And I promise I’m here when you need me
Some people tell you that you just need to get up and grow up
Forget it forgive what you’re hearing
Some people just don’t understand what it feels like to fall

So don’t fall…

It’s alright to not find the positive thing in every situation.

It’s alright to say it’s not fair about something that truly isn’t fair.

It’s alright not to feel okay.

Just don’t make it long-term, okay?

And don’t lose sight of what’s to live for
Because there’s truth in what they say
It’s alright not to feel okay…