And then, there was some routine again

I’ve never been huge on routine.  Some things are sacred – bed times, nap times (which are no longer applicable, sigh), making sure everyone gets off to school on time.  Little routines that keep life sane…ish.

But since Christmas, life has been off-kilter.  The kids were off school, then their school schedules were weird – the boys had finals week, so were getting out of school at different times.  They got MLK day off, and then the very next Monday was a day off school as well.  Grandma came to visit and we ran around Seattle doing things we haven’t done yet, like go to the top of the Space Needle (warning, the elevators?  Glass doors.  Yipes.)

I woke up yesterday though and it all seemed to be a bit more settled down.  Life clicked back into place finally, and I was able to retrieve my computer from girls watching videos (my master plan of “We’ll just have a tv in the family room, we can use my computer monitor to watch Netflix occasionally upstairs” backfired the moment Maura figured out how to log into the computer on the touch screen monitor with picture password.  Maura now has a new-to-her tablet and Mim got the old Surface, leaving Mom her computer again.)

So yesterday, with the day all mine, I decided to work on editing the novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo.  I’ve set a mental date to finish that, which is a bit optimistic, but at the same time, I am the gal who wrote 25,000 words over two days to make the NaNo goal/deadline.

Of course, when people hear I have a rough draft done, they’re all “Ooo!  Can I read it?”  Um, no.  Because there are major holes in the storyline where I pushed through to just keep going, and they need to be fixed and linked up properly.  And I changed the character’s name.  And I need to fill in more details.  And I’m realizing that there are questions I left unanswered that should be answered.  It’s why it’s called a rough draft.  It’s a bit rough.

The second question is “Oh, is it about Maura?”  The answer is “No.”  Probably because I write so much about her on the blog, or because I’ve been writing parts of stories since my teen years that have nothing to do with reality, but no, I’m not writing Maura’s story.  I know I should.  But I should probably do that during bright summer months, because what I learned last spring when I did write about her here is that it dredges up a lot of old traumas and leaves me exhausted.  Yeah, that’s a summer-months project.  (That said, anyone who wants to sign me now and advance me a bit of cash to write her story to be published, I will buy a sun lamp and call it good!)

What am I writing about?  Well, I’m weird.  I like to keep projects really close to myself, and not share.  Which is weird, I know, because let’s face it, the end goal is to have lots of people read it.  But it’s kind of Victorian, kind of Gothic, possibly YA – but no vampires, no steampunk, no dystopian society (not that there’s anything wrong with the latter two, I’d read a YA steampunk dystopian society book in a heartbeat!)

Will it get published?  I don’t know.  I’ve actually spent the past few months investigating self-publishing vs. traditional publishing.  I’d like to go the traditional route, but won’t completely rule out self-publishing.  Josh has already looked into ways, and Kickstarters, and all that.  He’s pretty awesome like that.

So March 31st is my goal to get the second draft done.  Hopefully it will be good enough to start sending out inquiries, find an agent, get on that road.

And that’s what I’m doing right now.  While there’s a little bit of calm between poop issues and dogs barking at squirrels through the window and laundry and trying to get into shape and watching every episode of “Supernatural” (Surface + Netflix + Supernatural = Phoebe actually spends quality time with her elliptical these days.)

Oh, and did I mention I’m going to Paris for Valentine’s Day?

Yes, routine is a fragile thing in this household.  Good thing I’m used to flying by the seat of my pants!