And in weird dishwasher news…

When we moved into this house, I may have petted the full sized Maytag dishwasher a bit too affectionately.  In Dublin, we had a half-sized dishwasher that we ran constantly.  It worked great, but was a bit small for a family of six.  The idea of a full sized dishwasher made me a bit giddy.

So of course, there was a catch.

The catch is that the dishwasher gets manky after a month.  As in gross, a bit filthy, with build up and what seems like mildew.

I called the property manager, who sent out someone to look into things.  He took apart the dishwasher and found broken glass left by the previous tenants mucking up the food grinder part of the dishwasher and blocking the line.  Which explained why water wasn’t making it to the upper rack of the dishwasher. (yeah, gross.)

It was clean and clear for a few weeks.  But it seems that my dishwasher hated the all natural chemical-free dishwasher tablets I bought, which led to a trip to the store to buy all the chemically fake lemon scented products possible.  I scrubbed out the dishwasher and tried again.

It worked correctly for a bit…and then…manky.

Possibly because our sink was all backed up (thanks to grease clogging up the water lines, another gift from the previous tenants).  The plumber cleared the line, we ran the dishwasher, but it was still manky.  We tried running dishwasher cleaner through it, but instead of being greeted with fake lemon scent, we opened to a cloud of “Um…ew.”

So Josh once again dismantled the dishwasher.

Then came into the family room and said “Um…come with me…”

He pointed to the dishwasher, completely unassembled, and explained how something was once again caught in the food grinder.

Then revealed the item that was caught in the food grinder…

A molar.

I blinked.

“Is that a tooth?”


More blinking.  “But…why….why is there a tooth….what?”

“Who knows?” he said, a man resigned to this life we lead.

“But…I can’t…why?”

Oh, we can figure out the why – or at least who.  Maura has lost several molars recently, as kids her age do.  And it seems she has gotten over her need to swallow every tooth that falls out.  She must have put it on a plate or in a cup, or it fell into a bowl of cereal – who knows.  And then some teen, who refuses to believe that scraping plates is a good thing, plunked said item with tooth into the dishwasher, to muck up the lines and cause my husband to make one of the most disturbing discoveries of this year.

It’s only February though, so we can top this.

I’d rather not though.


Oh, the things I find in my dishwasher!
Oh, the things I find in my dishwasher!