One day late…Music Tuesday

What can I say?  I caught a head cold on the way back from France and combine jet lag with stuffed-up-ness and your brain ends up oozing out one ear.  I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, despite the sinus headache and lack of nostril breathing, but notes from school about “What do you do about thumb sucking at home?” are not on my priority list.  Showering is.

(And for the record, the answer to the school’s question is “Not a whole lot.”  Because last time the school tried to force the thumb sucking issue, it made it ten times worse and a finger up the nose.  So now, we just worry about the finger up the nose.  Maura only sucks her thumb when she’s tired or overwhelmed, and I’d like to keep it that way.)

Anyway, trying to get myself motivated this morning, and turned on radio, then turned on some iTunes.  I needed something a bit upbeat and fun, so I clicked on Olly Murs – a singer out of the UK, who is beginning to cross over here it seems, as I found his CD at Target.

So while it’s not Monday, here’s some music to make your toes tap.  I’m going to drink more Advil and take some coffee.

Olly Murs – Dance with Me Tonight


(and as always, if you like it, go buy it and support the artist!)