Today, I was…

Today I was the Good Mom, the Patient Mom, the Mom that other mothers look at and think “Wow, she looks like she has her stuff together.”

It’s true.  I was pretty awesome today.

I took Maura out shopping.  Wednesdays are her early release day, so she comes barreling through the door at about 12:10 p.m., all wound up from school, but luckily fed (as they still do lunch at school.  phew!)  This morning there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when she discovered her pretty pink Converse sneakers were too tight, so the idea was that I’d take her shoe shopping.

AKA Target.  Because here, we can buy $10 Converse knock-offs.  It’s one of the joys of living in the U.S.

So I lured her away from the tv, buckled her in the car, and drove her to the Store of Plenty, where she leapt out of the car unassisted (mental note, she can work the doors now well too) and then followed me into the store.  She was quite dramatic in choosing a cart, then we were on our way.

First, she spotted the DVD section.


Um…no…we don’t need a movie sweetie…


Okay, books.


Crap, she’s in the kid’s DVD aisle.  No sweetie, we don’t need a movie…look! My Little Pony books!


Yes….ponies…pretty ponies…


Yes, there are Frozen books as well.  Do you want the Frozen book or the Pony book – you can only have one.

“PONY!” Book clutched to chest.

So we got a My Little Pony sticker book.

Then I directed her to the shoe section, where she wandered about and decided none of the shoes were captivating.  Somehow, we ended up in the girls clothing section instead, where she wandered through going “No…no…no…”  Believe it or not, she can be quite picky about clothes.  But she spotted – of all things – a sundress.  Oh sure, it’s still February, and let’s face it, even in July there’s not a huge call for sundresses here in the PNW – but that’s what t-shirts are for, right?  So we got the sundress.

Really, my whole life has become one long game of “Pick your battles.”

I was very impressed though that she followed along so well.  It’s been ages since we had a truly smooth shopping trip with the girl.  But she maneuvered the cart skillfully, didn’t run into me (or anyone else) once, didn’t get all “I want!” on me – even was okay with waiting for a bottle of water until we got to the check out instead of tantruming because I wouldn’t buy a case of it.

She was SO good, I decided to hit the nearby Whole Foods for some dinner things.

That’s where it got a bit sketchy for a moment, as she wanted to bring in Target purchases into Whole Foods.  Like maybe all of it.  We had to have a chat next to the car about how it was okay to leave stuff in the car – while two women lunching outside tried not to giggle at Stompy Foot Girl – but then I lured Maura into the store with the promise she could pick out a treat for everyone.


Yes dear.


She was a little more squirrely with the shopping cart in Whole Foods, but let’s face it – the way their stores are set up, everyone is a bit squirrely with their carts.  We picked out chicken, got some strawberries, and discussed the idea of big and small at the pre-cut fruit display (as in “No Maura, get a SMALL one…that’s a BIG one…let’s get a SMALL one…”).  But we got through it.

The problem was, she wanted to just keep circling the store.  Me?  I was done. Tired. In need of lunch.  Every cashier station was without customers, so the cashiers got to see me try to convince Maura it was time to check out as we walked past them three times.  But there I was, Mom of the Year, full of patience, and somehow said the right phrase and got Maura to get into a check out lane without so much as a whine (let alone a full blown shriek, which is more her way.)  We checked out, we left happily, she got right into the car while I loaded groceries – it was all good.

I’m making note of this because I’ll need it for future reference, the next time I’m dragging her screeching out of a store, or lifting her stubborn self off the ground because she doesn’t want to go grocery shopping and is going to protest in the middle of the entryway as people give us that weird sideways “What’s up with that kid?” look.

Today went well.  Today, we had people smiling at us.

Today, I wasn’t Frazzled Mom, Frustrated Mom, or Talking Through Clenched Teeth Mom.  Today, I got to be Good Mom.