Sunday afternoon in the suburbs

So it stopped raining here AND the sun came out.

Okay, it hasn’t been raining forever, it just seemed like it.  Yesterday it just came down steadily in a way that made locals go “Really rain?  REALLY?”

But now it’s clear and dry.  So the husband decided to make teenager lives a bit miserable with a sudden burst of yard work, taking the tallest one with him into the garage to sort through things.

This is where we realized that while we look like we’re unpacked from the move…we really just shoved the rest of the boxes that needed serious sorting out in the garage.


This is where time and space and math fails me.  Because we moved from a 1500 square foot house with no basement, no garage, one closet and one tiny box room to a 1900 square foot house with big bedroom closets and a two car garage…and somehow we have too much stuff to put in the house?  Did this stuff mate while on the long voyage from Dublin to Seattle?  Who knows?  Right now I’m torn between “Oh look! My stuff!” and “Just burn it all!”, and I know I have more Sorting of the Boxes to do in my future.

Then again, Maura’s watching “Dinosaur Train” so maybe this isn’t such a bad thing to be doing…