Music Monday – Wake Me Up

Guitar lessons are happening in our house, as guitars were passed out at Christmastime.  Miriam announced after her last lesson that she’s learning this song, so since I’ll be hearing a LOT of it, you all should too.

Luckily, I liked the song already.  And she’s not learning “Let it Go” from Frozen, because if she was, I may have had to take a hammer to my head.  (Thank you Maura, for watching “Frozen” enough this week that I wake up singing that song.)

“Wake Me Up” by Avicii gets a lot of radio airtime in these parts, so I’m sure you already know it.  But you won’t know it as well as I will in the coming weeks I bet.  And the video is some dystopian youth society thing, very “Divergent” (yes, we’ve read the series too.)


But I’m going to take it one step further, because there’s an Irish version.  YES! A version! In Irish!  So yeah, if Miriam’s going to spend weeks learning this, she can at least learn a bit of it in Irish, right?


and as always, if you like the music, buy it, don’t pirate it!