The report card

I have to laugh that the school sends a report card for Maura.  She’s getting straight A’s.

Granted, the “A” is for “Adaptive”.  But still, get me that bumper sticker, I’ve got a straight A student!

I haven’t been allowed to read the full packet they sent because Maura keep stealing it.  (And yes, they sent a multiple page progress report – the lengths this school goes to will never cease to impress me.) What I have learned is that Maura is still not great with numbers.  She can count, she can identify, she can get to 20 sometimes.  But she’s really only consistent to ten.

However, she has sight words.  A list of words she can point to, read by herself.  All the days of the week, and words like “socks”, “Mom”, “cat”, and “rectangle”.


And there sums up life with Maura.

My Girl Wonder