Early Wednesday Morning Thoughts

It’s not even 8 am here, and so far…

Collin figured out why the bus kept coming early – because all our kitchen clocks were off.  Oops.  Since he fixed that, our mornings have been running smoother.

I just called the school to let them know Maura won’t be in school today because she’s “full of laxatives and that wouldn’t be fair”.

I’m really hoping I get to finish my coffee before Maura wakes up.

I would love to know why I woke up at not yet six a.m. – that is NOT how I work.

I was really happy to discover that the kids didn’t eat all the blueberry scones.  It’s going nicely with my coffee.

I would love to know how I disabled my wifi on my desktop yesterday, but glad I finally clicked on the right button today to get it reconnected and working.

I love wireless keyboards.

It’s still not 8 a.m. here.

I appreciate that the bus driver understands my wave of “She’s not going to school” so I don’t have to run to the curb to explain things.

I’m patting myself on the head because I remembered to charge the crackTab last night, in preparation for Operation Let It Go today.

Yes, I have decided to refer to Maura’s need to poop as Operation Let It Go.  I blame my binging on “Once Upon a Time” and her binging on “Frozen” for that.

It’s now 8 a.m.  I am pushing my luck with this alone time, and should go finish my coffee while it’s still warm.