Early Wednesday Morning Thoughts

2 Apr

It’s not even 8 am here, and so far…

Collin figured out why the bus kept coming early – because all our kitchen clocks were off.  Oops.  Since he fixed that, our mornings have been running smoother.

I just called the school to let them know Maura won’t be in school today because she’s “full of laxatives and that wouldn’t be fair”.

I’m really hoping I get to finish my coffee before Maura wakes up.

I would love to know why I woke up at not yet six a.m. – that is NOT how I work.

I was really happy to discover that the kids didn’t eat all the blueberry scones.  It’s going nicely with my coffee.

I would love to know how I disabled my wifi on my desktop yesterday, but glad I finally clicked on the right button today to get it reconnected and working.

I love wireless keyboards.

It’s still not 8 a.m. here.

I appreciate that the bus driver understands my wave of “She’s not going to school” so I don’t have to run to the curb to explain things.

I’m patting myself on the head because I remembered to charge the crackTab last night, in preparation for Operation Let It Go today.

Yes, I have decided to refer to Maura’s need to poop as Operation Let It Go.  I blame my binging on “Once Upon a Time” and her binging on “Frozen” for that.

It’s now 8 a.m.  I am pushing my luck with this alone time, and should go finish my coffee while it’s still warm.





2 Responses to “Early Wednesday Morning Thoughts”

  1. Grainne April 2, 2014 at 10:57 am #

    I so hope she manages to go soon. It must get so uncomfortable for her…does she connect the discomfort with not having popped? I wonder if that knowledge will change things for her.

    I hope you enjoyed your quiet coffee this morning and things are going well today. I remembered to charge our iPad this morning too so will not have to face the panic of Colt not being able to play Minecraft the very moment he walks through the door. lol. I still love how you call it a ‘crack-tab’. It’s so fitting!

    • phoebz4 April 2, 2014 at 5:07 pm #

      We try to convey that pooping will make things better, but she refuses to believe us.

      And yes, crackTab – we had a crackPad, and crackPad Junior (old iPhone, lol) – but since the iOS change kinda made our original iPad obsolete, a dear friend offered up a Galaxy Tab and Maura is loving it!

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