Dear Sweet Child o’ Mine



I love you. I love you dearly Maura.  You know I will do anything for you.  Anything.

That stated –

Sweet Baby James you are something else this morning!  Yes, I understand, you’re having one of your “Very On” mornings, where you’re bright and perky and uber-interactive.  And that’s great, it really is.  I’m sure it’s because you got to sleep in.

But holy sheep girl, you need to pause for one moment so I can breathe and drink my coffee.

I’ve already stain treated the carpet from the lip sticky stuff I stepped on in your room after you yelled for me because you couldn’t get up while holding three penguins, a crackPad Jr., and sucking your thumb.

I also removed the big container of take-away sticky rice from the sofa before you could snack on it.

I high-fived you when you did put on your own leggings after I refused to help you because I was making my coffee and oh yeah, you can do it yourself, really! See?  You did it!  Great job there boo!

I played “Guess what I want from the pantry” with you, opened your snack bar, removed tags from the new clothes I bought you yesterday, and turned down the volume on the crackPad Jr. because you had it so loud you kept shouting at me but couldn’t hear anything I was saying, like “Maura, turn it down!” and “Eat at the table!” (latter one because of course, you were chewing loudly, and it’s that Special Time for Mommy when her tolerances run low.)

And just when I thought I had all the fires put out, volumes turned down, and a moment to drink the coffee…this happened.

Oh why have you failed me technology?
Oh why have you failed me technology?


Our next Life Lesson will be “How to plug everything in at night” bedtime routine.



P.S. – thank you for transitioning into playing with dolls after crackPad Jr. failed you.  Even if it means you tossing stuff around the formerly clean living room. I will always choose happiness over cleanliness.  Especially if it means I get to drink my coffee.