I’m sure today will go well

Did you note that heavy dose of sarcasm?  Because it was there.

See, today Maura has an EEG.  She’s had two EEG’s in her life.  One went fantastically, one…well…there was a lot of crying, but she calmed down and we got it done once she realized the things being stuck on her head weren’t going to hurt.

When the children’s hospital heard this, their response was to suggest sedation.  We’re not big on sedation.  Our very trusted former pediatrician always backed us up on that.  The children’s hospital rep did grill me on how cooperative Maura would be, could she follow directions?  Would she be cooperative?


I should have just lied.  “Yes, she’s be great!”  But that’s just not in my nature.  Of course, I didn’t think any sign of even a “maybe” would be “Well maybe we should just sedate her.”  Um…gee…could we at least attempt the thing before sedating the child with neurological issues?  Please?

They agreed to trying it without sedation.  Then said “Oh, well, we’ll want her tired, we usually suggest waking them up five hours early.”

Okay, now you’re just trying to kill me, aren’t you?

Luckily, the rep then said “But if being overtired might make her less cooperative (um, ya think?) then maybe don’t wake her up so early.”

Okay.  Great.  We have a plan, a brand new copy of “The Little Mermaid” to bring, we can do this, right?

And then, yesterday afternoon, Maura tripped and face-planted into the cement patio, banging up her knee, scraping her chin and right under her nose and getting a fat lip (but thank God, no loose teeth!).

It was as tragic as it sounds.

She sobbed for thirty minutes over it.  She did eventually perk up, especially when we put her in the car where she stuck her head close to the open window so the wind could blow against her face.  And then we pulled into Dairy Queen where the nice staff helped us figure out what she wanted by pointing to the various ice cream pictures on their menu sign (Maura wanted the Oreo shake).   Then to her delight, I let Maura stay up late, watching tv on my bed.

Oh yeah, she’s tired today.

Tired, miffed that I wouldn’t let her wear the party dress to school, still a bit tragic over all her boo boos, and not impressed that we’re going to see a doctor who’s going to “play with her hair”.

[sarcasm] Yes, I’m sure she’ll be the model of cooperation today. [/sarcasm]

Honestly, I’m hoping I’m getting all worked up over nothing, that the staff is fabulous, and very understanding of her type of special needs.  They are a children’s hospital, surely they will right?  God knows I’m still warm and fuzzy at how great the ladies in the lab were during Maura’s blood draw.  Hopefully who ever we deal with today will be as great as they were.

Also, I should probably apologize to everyone at the school for sending overtired tragic Maura to school today…or maybe just send them a pitcher of margaritas…