Springtime realty check

Okay, so it’s been spring for a while, but holy cow, the weather has been so awesome here lately!  Like hitting 75-80 degrees awesome.  It’s ridiculous how my “yep, they spent enough time in Ireland” teens are going around saying “Wow, it’s a scorcher out there.”

It cracks me up because they’ve lived through much hotter weather.  But the eldest boy was asking to turn on the a/c yesterday (only to be informed this house doesn’t have a/c) and the eldest girl was certain she was going to melt while doing yard work for cash.

Yep, we’ve acclimated.

Maura loves it.  She adores being outside, wearing sundresses, flip flops.  However, I’ve come to realize that nothing from last summer fits.  Heck, some things I bought a few weeks ago are looking quite short as well. We found these awesome little biker shorts at Old Navy to put under skirts (we’re still working on the idea of modesty with this child) but even with the little shorts underneath, I had to admit that some of the dresses were just too short.

And now, I’ve had a moment of reality –

My baby girl – my special needs daughter – my almost 11 year old – the girl who wants to wear My Little Pony shirts still –

She’s about to outgrow children’s sizes.

Children sizes, where everything is made with elastic waists and less buttons, and is cheaper to purchase.


I still have some time in certain brands.  Land’s End may become our best friend again as she seems to still fit into the size 14 there.  Gap Kids is officially out of the question.  Target clothes are borderline actually.  I’ve got savvy internet shopping skills and know where to find the fun tees. And leggings are in no matter what your size.

I’m just not ready for it.

Once again, I find myself asking God why the special needs daughter is the tall one.  Really, why?  My life would have been so much easier in so many ways if she’d been the short one.  But then I remember this is my life and there always has to be a sense of irony somewhere.

Meanwhile, I’ve been staying true to my personal trainer.  We’re now a month in and I no longer go “ow ow ow” the entire next day.  Improvement!  Last night, he was talking about how he’s focusing on our group of three gaining strength, and the one voice in my head said “Yep, that’s exactly why you’re here.  You need to be stronger to help Maura.”

Go figure, I come home last night and Maura’s asleep on her bed – half on, half off – and I have to wrangle her 100 pounds of long limbs into a more appropriate position.

Strength training people!  It’s all about strength training!

And back to warmer temperatures…

Warmer temps and lack of a/c means windows open at night, right?  Which means you get to hear all sorts of sounds – cars driving by, birds in the morning…and some guy belting out Passenger’s “Let Her Go” at 1:30 in the am.


I’m not sure why.

Even better?  I found myself rating his vocals.  They were strong, but not always on key.  He did find a great acoustical spot to allow his voice to echo for full impact.  But I appreciated that he kept it to just two choruses and a verse. I also realized that American dude waking me up singing wasn’t as intriguing as one of my first nights in Dublin, when I heard two Irish guys singing “My Way”.  They were pretty awesome.

No, I did not get enough sleep last night. Yes, I am hugging my coffee cup this morning.