Well, I did it

I actually finished something I started that wasn’t a glass of wine or covered in chocolate.

I finished that first editing of the story I wrote during National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) back in November.

It’s not perfect – I don’t know if it will ever be – but it’s done enough that it’s readable.  And that’s a big step, at least for me.  One step closer to getting published and making all the dollars. Maybe five of them.  Maybe ten.

It also means that other things that have been brewing in my brain can be focused on.  I’ve been strict with myself, not allowing myself to squirrel over to another book project before this one was finished.  Okay, I did spend a couple days writing down something else, but it was more to get the new idea down before I forgot it to save for later, versus starting a whole new project.

Now, while I wait for my first batch of readers to get back to me with (hopefully very kind) feedback, I can start the Next Big Thing.  Or just come up with a title for the book I have finished writing.

I finished.

Now to start again 🙂