Today’s forcast – mood swings with a side of tragedy

Maura’s been sick.  She woke up Sunday with a fever, then promptly threw up her seizure meds. She spent Sunday sleeping on the sofa, feverish and pathetic.

That’s always the sad stage of any illness of Maura’s, when she gets all pathetic.  She does it well, the sweet dear.  This time, it was even more poignant as she couldn’t keep meds down, so she cried because of a headache, and fretted over the spoonful of liquids I was giving her to calm her stomach, worried that something else would cause  more vomiting.

Monday was a turn for the better, and we watched a lot of SpongeBob.

A lot.

We had hit the pathetically cute phase of the illness, where she was finally feeling a bit better to croak out words and gave sad smiles.  Meds were kept down, headache was gone, Sprite was consumed, all was better.

Tuesday, she was much perkier after a good night’s sleep, the fever almost gone. A bit of her usual self was back.

However, we’ve now hit the point where she’s ready to get back into the swing of things, but because of her lack of appetite the past few days, she’s in a low energy phase.

So today is Mood Swing Wednesday.

She was thrilled to go to Starbuck’s with me, then sobbed because I got the wrong muffin.  She wanted to watch “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”, only to freak when the titles came out because she wanted to watch something else.  So I immediately went back to the Netflix screen, told her to point to what she wanted to watch.

She pointed to “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2”.


She cried when I went up to get something, but was all happy again when I got back to her to sit on the couch and watch the movie for the 20th time this week. Then she was irritated I wasn’t sitting in the right spot, only to decided to sit where I was sitting and have me move.

The movie ended.  She sobbed and yelled at the Xbox (it’s an Xbox One, with voice controls that won’t listen to her, much to her dismay.)  Her brother got a new movie going – hooray!  Her brother took the mouse he was using with his laptop from her – tragedy! Sobbing wailing screaming tragedy as her brother went “All I did was take my mouse back.”

I don’t know about her, but I’m exhausted by it all.  And there’s still half a day left to get through.

I’m going to try to soothe the savage beast now with her favorite – mac and cheese.  Hopefully I’ll get it right and she settles down enough so that I can leave her with siblings.  I haven’t been grocery shopping in days, and we’ve run out of food for the teens.  If I don’t get more food, they’re liable to start gnawing on the dogs.

And in an ironic twist of fate –

Remember that EEG that didn’t happen?  That had to be rescheduled?  That took a few weeks to get rescheduled?  It was rescheduled for yesterday.  Needless to say, Monday I had to call and cancel the appointment.  We’re still waiting to hear back from them on the official rescheduling.

Yes, the girl who almost never gets sick, who for all her cognitive issues and epilepsy is quite healthy, got sick at just the wrong point in time.