Our teens are so lucky

We bought the teen folks a car – mainly because we’ve been a one-car family and as my husband was giving driving lessons, was worried about damage to said one car.

So we bought the kids a car.  We became one of those American families.


We got them this –

The Blueberry
The Blueberry


Yep.  We bought our kids a 40 year old car.  A cheap car that’s costing us about $4 a pop to insure. And that’s with the teen driver on the insurance.  We giggled over that bit.

It runs pretty well, had one owner for 27 years before it went to another family member, so it came with a detailed history as well.  Josh has plans on fixing it up and one of the boys seems interested in helping him restore it.  The teen girl is already plotting to buy it off us when she turns sixteen.  Maura adores it and wants to take it every time we go out.

We have car rules –

First, you have to help fix it.

Second, you have to help feed it.

Third, you have to check before using it.

Fourth, please don’t crumple it!

Oh, and the catch – you have to learn how to drive stick shift.

The bonus is, we live in the land of “compact car only” parking spots.  They’re like a bad rash all over town.  Now we have a car that’ll fit into a compact car parking spot!

It’s a learning car – they’ll learn how to drive stick and work on an engine and maybe some new curse words while working on said vehicle with their father.  They’ll also have a new appreciation for cushier cars.

It’s a beater car – but it’s an adorable beater car.  And it can only get nicer from here on out!