It’s Friday

And therefore, I am singing this song


It’s the last day of school for Maura, God help us.  Once again summer is looming with its “What am I going to do with this particular child?” thoughts.  I haven’t heard about any sort of ESY, so I guess we don’t qualify?  But we haven’t had ESY (extended school year) since Michigan, so we’re a bit used to not having ESY anymore.

I do know the first thing Maura will want to do – and that’s sleep in.

Yes, we’re both looking forward to sleeping in this summer.  I love that this child loves to sleep, and sleep in.  LOVE IT.  It’s my little perk, and I am thankful for it.

But other than sleeping in and trying to keep her off my computer, I’m not sure what to do with her.  I haven’t found any summer programs for her kind yet.  I’m sure they are out there, but I haven’t heard of them yet.  I’d be happy with a day camp scenario but have yet to find one for a kid with “something”.  Oh sure, there’s autism camps and deaf camps and cancer camps and MS camps and hemophilia camps – and all those are great!  I love seeing my friends kids be able to find a camp that fits their needs.  We just need to find one to fit ours.  Preferably sponsored by Starbucks.

Maybe I could just pay the teen girl of mine to play “summer camp” with her sister.  It would involve nail painting and dance parties.  I’m okay with that.

Yeah, I should have started looking into this sooner, huh?

What am I going to do with this child?  Yipes.