Well that’s finally over

In April, Maura’s neurologist talked about weaning her off her seizure meds, but first we’d need an EEG.  That lead to fun times where we were sent home for being uncooperative, being told we’d be rescheduled for a sedated EEG, not actually being put on the “reschedule” list, finally rescheduling only to have Maura catch a stomach bug two days before, which lead to more rescheduling, to today.

I asked about having her scheduled for a morning slot, as the first was at 1 p.m. with “No food after 5:30 am”.  So they scheduled us for first thing on a Monday morning, check in time – 6:45 am.

Happy First Day of Summer Vacation.


Side note – Originally, we were supposed to get a home EEG practice kit, so Maura could be familiar with it.  People kept asking if we got it, I kept saying it was never offered.  Thursday, when the nurse called to go over the procedure with me, offered to send a social story via email, in a PDF file.  There was even one for the EEG.  I said “Sure” and gave her my email.

Go figure – never got that either.

We got there on time this morning, pretty much the first people to check in.  Maura was a bit tense when we got there, but seemed to relax a little.  Already it was going better than the first attempt.  The nurse came to get us, and it kept going as well as it could – they turned on “Tangled”, she didn’t fret too much – it was going well.

Then, the nurse let me in on a little tidbit – this was the first time they’ve done a sedated EEG at this clinic.

Um…. wait… huh?

Apparently all the other sedated EEG’s happen at the main campus. The clinic is new, but not that new. They do other minor surgical procedures there, but still, hearing that Maura was the first to have this done there was a bit off-putting.

They asked if Maura would be okay with the face mask that would deliver the first course of sedation – that knock out gas stuff.  I said “I don’t know, maybe?” and joked about how she loved snorkeling gear.  I hefted her up on the bed (proving that the personal training is paying off) and next thing I know, the nurses and anesthesiologist swoop on her with the mask.  A couple moments went by as Maura put up a fuss, and nothing happened.

And then the anesthesiologist pointed to the tube that was supposed to delivering the gas had become detached.


Tube was attached, Maura calmed into sleep in a couple moments, and I was escorted off to wait.

They have a Starbucks on the premises, but I’ve decided that they should have a bar where you are allowed one drink to calm the nerves.  But instead, I went to get a latte and try to chill while waiting the hour until Maura would be done. There was an outdoor seating area, which was nice until another family waiting on someone in the sugary department came down with their giant back of foodstuffs, pulling out tomatoes, cucumbers, a salad mix, bread… and cans of tuna… and proceeded to make tuna fish sandwiches next to me.

At 8 a.m.

I hate tuna fish in any salad/sandwich form.  And it does not go well with morning coffee.


Luckily my wait wasn’t that long, and soon Maura was done and I was able to go to her.  She woke up enough to cry a little, then went back to sleep, snoring away while a different nurse told me yet again how this is the first time they’ve done a sedated EEG at this location.

Seriously.  Not what you should be telling me.

After a few minutes, Maura actually woke up, had some juice and was ready to go.  The nurse was concerned about Maura being too groggy or dizzy to walk, so had someone wheel Maura down to our car (where I was told that usually, they would take the child to the main entrance and wait for me to bring the car, but they decided that might not work in our case – finally, someone understood Maura’s issues.)

When we got home, Maura did sort of wobble outside the car, and weaved her way into the house.  Her oldest brother looked at her and went “What did they do to her?”

“They drugged her.”

He laughed – because she was all wobbly drunk.  I sent him for her pillow and steered her to the couch, where she spent the rest of the morning gazing at My Little Pony shows.

Now she’s back to her real self, munching on snacks, playing with dolls.  No ill side effects from this morning except some really bad hair because we haven’t washed all the goo out yet.  I’m to call in 7-10 days for the results.  Or we may have to come in for an appointment to get them.    No one was quite sure.

Whatever. It’s done.  We survived.  We can finally move forward.

Well, maybe after another nap.