Summer plans for Mom

Summer vacation time has finally hit.  FINALLY.  No more getting up with the birds to face early school start times (man I miss Irish time).  Maura is already taking advantage of this by not getting up until 9:30 this a.m.

However, I realized last week when I was talking about when I find time to write, that the time I find to write goes on hiatus with the schools.


I now need to tweak my personal schedule a bit to find time to write while still minding Maura.  Because I can’t just hole up in a room while teens do what teens do (eat food, play video games, eat food, text, wander to mall, eat food, sleep).  The teens of my household are pretty darn self-sufficient and trustworthy. Maura is all shades opposite of that.

Case in point – two days ago, I was in my bedroom doing something, and heard the sounds of a chair scooting across the kitchen floor.  That is NEVER a good sound.  So I dash down the hall to find her looking for a cutting board.  She had plans on cutting apart the watermelon.  She had already gotten the Big Knife out.

(Mental note – time to cover the greys again.)

My sister-in-law understood this when I was telling her about Maura and her flexing of the independent skills – “It’s like having a really tall 3 year old who can get into more things!”


She also understood without me explaining that there is now no place high enough to hide stuff because Maura can just get to it.  And the last thing I need is Maura on a stepstool with a Big Knife.


So holing up to write in a darkened room with headphones on isn’t really a choice.  Maura doesn’t care for getting stitches and I like my house not on fire.

I’m not a planner.  I’m not a scheduler.  I am the proverbial seat-of-pants flyer.  But if I’m going to write over the summer, I need to figure out how I can carve out chunks of uninterrupted time.  This leaves me with two choices – early morning and after 9 p.m.

I’m not a morning person.  Just ask my husband, he has the scars from the times he’s had to wake me up.  I used to be a late night person, but then I had children.  These days I turn into a pumpkin about ten at night if I’m at home.

I was thinking of just sucking it up and getting up early, to take advantage of Maura sleeping in.  Then I had this idea of “Maybe I can break it up – a little time in the morning, a little at night.”  That might work.  I can use a chunk of time in the morning, chunk of time in the evening, jot stuff down in between.

The other thought is to maybe pay a sibling to actually tend to Maura.  The teen girl wants to become a babysitter, having a Maura on her resume would speak volumes.  And yes, I’d pay her.  Because I don’t want to take too much advantage of the teens when it comes to caring for Maura.  Someday they may have to be her primary caregiver, so for now, I feel like they should just be allowed to be siblings as much as possible.

These are the times I dream of respite care, but that’s a whole other saga.  (No, we don’t get respite care.  We get pretty much nothing from any sort of government body except the special education.)  I have to find time to go down to the correct county department and fill out 293 forms to prove Maura’s disabled, then see if we qualify for anything.

Yeah, that’s one of my other summer plans – to see if Maura qualifies for anything.

Another summer plan – big cabinet in the dining room that locks, so I can lock up sharp objects like knives, and the wine glasses. I can even paint it up pretty.  But it needs to lock in a way Maura can’t open.

And then, still working with the personal trainer dude.  I am now impressing specialists with my ability to heft Maura, and I can do so now without worrying that I’ll hurt myself.  Win!

So those are my exciting plans – write, work out, locking cabinet, applying for disability stuff.  Doesn’t seem like much, but throw in all the food buying and laundry washing and ridiculous dog antics and teens, and my summer is officially full!