Summer Plans 2.0

So I had summer plans with things like “Find cabinet where I can lock up ALL the things from Maura” and “start writing a new book” and “food shopping”.

Thus far, I’ve done food shopping the most.

But today, after a nice little chat with the neurologist, I get to add a new, and main plan –

Watch Maura like the proverbial hawk.

In other words, the EEG showed no seizure activity, Operation Wean Off Meds has been green-lighted.

Maura’s seizures have been few and far between, and have come in all types – she’s had tonic-clonic, tonic, partial, and probably absence seizures (though that one is still debatable – my gut says she probably has those too because she’ll just pause sometimes and her face goes completely slack – her current neurologist agrees).   Also, when she started seizure meds, we saw huge leaps in her development and balance.  So I’m not just looking for her to drop and shake.  I need to be aware of if she pauses, or if her leg tremors on its own, or she doesn’t learn at her regular pace, or loses balance.

Oh, and we signed her up for adaptive swim lessons in August.  Do you know what doesn’t mix?  Epilepsy and swimming.  Luckily, they are one on one lessons, so we should still be able to carry through.  Just keep an extra eye on her.

Anyone have extra eyes to spare?  I’m either going to need a few, or tether the child to me.