The Cave of Solitude

Yesterday started off…a bit trying.  There was no milk, so no coffee, and not-quite-awake Maura went looking for me instead of the bathroom.  So I spent half the morning stepping in pee puddles in various rooms, muttering as I cleaned it all up.

It really wasn’t Maura’s fault – she wasn’t awake.  But still, it was the straw that nearly broke the camel’s back.  It’s been a long summer of dealing with Maura, and between the shenanigans she causes while becoming more independent, and the fact that she will throw the mother of all hissy fits at the window when I leave, which has led to me now trying to sneak out of the house….did I say it was a long summer?

So yeah, stepping in pee puddles was it.  I decided I needed to run away from home, somewhere I could be alone.  A cave.  On a beach.

A cave of solitude.

A friend called to see how I was.  I mentioned the cave.  She said it sounded good.  I offered her a spot in the cave.

Then another friend texted me that she was feeling grumpy.  I offered her a spot in my cave.  She asked if there would be wine.  Because that friend is, of course, a genius.  Knowing her, she’ll bring cookies as well.  Or nibbles.  A bar of chocolate to split at the very least.

So the Cave of Solitude might become a Cave of Solidarity, where mothers hid from the children they adore.  I’m now imagining it a big cave with offshoots of smaller caves, where one can go into the smaller cave to nap.  And the others will respect the nap, because we’re all mothers, and mothers respect naps.

Why yes, I am counting down the days until school starts, why do you ask?